General terms and conditions

1/ ORGANIZATION The Event is organized by abe - advanced business events, a limited company with a stated capital of 50.000 Euros, whose registered head office is located at 35/37 rue des Abondances - 92513 BOULOGNE-CEDEX - France, hereafter referred to as the Organizer.

2/ PURPOSE These regulations stipulate the terms and conditions according to which the Organizer sets up and runs the Event. They detail the respective rights and obligations of the Organizer and the signing company, hereafter referred to as the Participant. The Participant formally undertakes to abide by these regulations.

3/ PLACE AND DATE The Event will be held at the Place and dates indicated here above. The Organizer is free to change the Place or Date of the Event in case the Place is rendered unavailable or in case of force majeure, in which case no compensation shall be due to the Participant. The Organizer is free to cancel the Event further to expressly notifying the Participant, in which case ongoing registration applications shall be cancelled ipso jure, without any compensation due to the participant.

4/ REGISTRATION, CANCELLATION, PAYMENT Any company or institution is allowed to attend the Event provided it has the relevant skills to enter into negotiations with other attendees. The Organizer reserves the right to deny any registration without any obligations to justify their decision. The participant may cancel their registration forty-five days (45) or more prior to the Event without any penalties. However if the cancellation is submitted twenty-one (21) to forty-four (44) days prior to the Event, the Participant must pay thirty percent (30) of the total amount of their registration fees. If the cancellation is submitted twenty day (20) and less prior to the Event, the Participant must pay the full amount. All invoices issued and sent to the Participant must be remitted at the latest 5 days prior to the Event. The Organizer reserves the right to deny access the Participant to the Event if their accounts are not settled.

5/ SERVICES INCLUDED IN THE OVERALL PARTICIPATION FEE The Organizer shall deliver the services and products as explicitly described in the booking form.

6/ OBLIGATION TO PRODUCE A RESULT The Organizer undertakes to diligently use the resources available to it without being subject to an obligation to produce any results.

7/ INSURANCE The Organizer is the sole legal responsible for the Event. However the Organizer’s responsibility shall not be engaged for any damage caused to the Participant by a third party. The Place is the sole legal responsible for the facility and premises, permanent or temporary, used for the Event, as well as all companies and activities operating and running under their direct request. The Participant must hold an insurance policy that covers all damages caused by them, their staff or their belongings to a third party. The Participant must hold an insurance policy that covers all damages caused to their equipment and materials brought to the Event.

8/ APPLICABLE AMENDMENTS The Organizer reserves the right to bring additional amendments to this agreement to deal with any matters not initially mentioned in the agreement. Such amendments shall be notified and diligently sent to the Participant and come into force immediately. Any infringement of this agreement by the Participant can lead to their expulsion from the Event provided the Organizer explicitly notifies it. In this case no refund or compensation of any kind shall be due to the Participant.

9/ USE OF PARTICIPANT LOGO  The Organizer reserves the right to retrieve and use the Participant’s company logo in marketing materials designed to promote the event by showing a list of registered companies, called participants. If the Participant disagrees and wishes their logo to be removed from such marketing materials, they must explicitly address their request in a written form.

10/ SETTLEMENT The Participant agrees with these terms and conditions by signing this agreement. In the event of disagreement the Participant agrees to first submit their query to the Organizer and seek amiable settlement. If no amiable settlement is found the tribunal of Nanterre, France, shall be the sole competent tribunal to handle the case.